Advanced Duty Belt Pack


We have a number of packages for Duty Belts however this one is of the highest standard that we have. Included in the pack is;

  • 3D Taser holster
  • Baton
  • CS Spray
  • Improved Handcuffs
  • Torch Holder
  • Belt Pouch

This pack comes with 3 belts included in the price which are customised in the following layout;

  1. Belt 1 - CS Spray, Baton & Handcuffs
  2. Belt 2 - CS Spray, Baton, Handcuffs & Taser
  3. Belt 3 - CS Spray, Baton, Handcuffs, Taser & Belt Pouch

For further customised belts an extra £5 will be added to the price. 

(Disclaimer : These products are not real life products they are designed to work in games only.)

(Disclaimer : Items purchased are models themselves only, we have included textures as a complimentary item and will be sent as a separate item. Textures can be retextured by the customer at their own pleasure.)