Ambulance Helmet


Our newly developed Helmet based of the standard UK Ambulance Helmet has finally arrived in our store. Work has been done to give it an enhanced look whilst maintaining the real life look. 

Visor Up / Visor Down

The developed model include two variants meaning during roleplay you can have the visor up, or while rescuing a injured person from a vehicle have the visor down. 

Incredible Fit

This helmet will fit into any ambulance based unit within the U.K. This helmet will certain bring some realism to your game which you can show off to your friends. 

Future Customization 

Sinner's Mod Shop is always looking at innovation and future models such as torches and other accessories will be added in the future. 

More Details

(Disclaimer : These products are not real life products they are designed to work in games only.)

(Disclaimer : Items purchased are models themselves only, we have included textures as a complimentary item and will be sent as a separate item. Textures can be retextured by the customer at their own pleasure.)