BTP Peak Caps


Sinner’s Mod Shop has been working tirelessly to improve the quality of our works and to set the bar when it comes to high quality EUP. We are now proud to release our newly modelled Peak Cap. Our newly developed peak caps have been custom textured and developed from real life Peak Caps giving them a realistic look.

This pack is based of BTP.

Within this pack are the following: 

  • PC to Sgt Peak Cap
  • Insp to Chief Inspector Peak Cap (3D Rank)
  • Superintendent to Chief Superintendent Peak Cap (3D Rank)
  • Assistant/Deputy Chief Constable Peak Cap (3D Rank)
  • Chief Constable Peak Cap (3D Rank)


  • PCSO Peak Cap
  • Police Cadet Peak Cap

More Details

Coming Soon Caps will be provided to customers once developed. No extra charge will be incurred. 

(Disclaimer : These products are not real life products they are designed to work in games only.)

(Disclaimer : Items purchased are models themselves only, we have included textures as a complimentary item and will be sent as a separate item. Textures can be retextured by the customer at their own pleasure.)