Generic Roads Policing Skoda Kodiaq Unmarked (ELS)


Sinner's Mod Shop is happy to release the new Generic Roads Policing Skoda Kodiaq Unmarked to the marketplace. Our new Generic Roads Policing Skoda Kodiaq Unmarked and has been designed from a number of source materials.

Original lowered and converted model belongs to S.Bell.

Included in our Pack is the below items.

  • Vehicle Setup (Created by KaiW210)

Please read the customer information below prior to purchasing!

Important Customer Information

  • These products are game ready models designed to only work in computer games. To enquiry about which games they work for please open a ticket in our discord. These are not real life uniforms or equipment!

  • Items purchased are the models themselves only. SMS include the textures as a complimentary item. 

  • (Disclaimer : All products created by SMS are now tracked via leak detection process. This process is via vertices being displaced on purpose without damaging the model itself. So please bear in mind if planning on leaking or sharing this model, you will be caught and banned for purchasing via the website in the future.)