San Andreas State Police Bundle

Save 30%

Have you been looking for a product that stands out from the rest of most roleplay communities. Well look no further!

Over at Sinner's Mod Shop we have spent 2 months developing our first entry into the American EUP scene. We are very proud of the work done so far and look forward to updates in the future. 

Our San Andreas State Police Bundle has been designed loosely around the look of Rhode Island State Police. All items have been designed from the ground up and are of the highest quality. Within our entry bundle pack is the following products.

  • Long Sleeve Shirt with Tie
  • Long Sleeve Shirt without Tie and Open Collar
  • Short Sleeve Shirt without Tie and Open Collar
  • 2 Custom made Belts
  • Patrol Trousers
  • Custom made San Andrea State Police Badge
  • Under Armour Base Layer Shirt

We are happy to also add that due to our patches being 3D and are a separated from the uniforms you can mix and match other add on badges and colour schemes available on our store, meaning the base products only need to be bought once.

Users are purchasing the models themselves and any textures are supplied free of charge for the enjoyment of the end-user. 
(Disclaimer : All products created by SMS are now tracked via leak detection process. This process is via vertices being displaced on purpose without damaging the model itself. So please bear in mind if planning on leaking or sharing this model, you will be caught and banned for purchasing via the website in the future.)